The Restaurant Cash App, offers $100’s of dollars of gift vouchers to local restaurants, refreshed monthly. Delivery Apps, focus on delivery and carryout, while Meal POPs focuses on dine-in and carryout transactions, offering cash gift vouchers in an open, all-inclusive, interactive platform!


  • No minimum spend, use like true restaurant cash vouchers.
  • No menu restrictions, order your favorites every time.
  • Per person, your entire group can use their Vouchers towards their own purchase.(with Meal POPs subscription)
  • In-app navigation with emphasis on the places closest to you!
  • You conduct business with the restaurant, experiencing their awesome service directly. Pay as you normally would plus provide your Meal POPs promo code.

Ready Set Grub!


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Access your WALLET, view top restaurants and dishes, navigate in-app to your favorite places.


Use your restaurant cash vouchers for dine-in and togo orders. Vouchers never require a minimum spend or purchase to redeem.


Invite your friends! Everyone in your group can use their Meal POPs voucher towards their own purchase!


“Lunch Downtown now costs me $4 a day”
- Blake M
“My girlfriends and I don't do Happy Hour without it”
-Crystal T
“Latte in the morning, burger with fries for lunch, and a drink to end the day” -Santa M #MeaIPOPS
“Date night became so much more fun, trying little tastes of bliss from so many amazing restaurants!”
- Erica K
“I don't know how it's possible, but I LOVE IT”
- Alice S
“Our Association uses Meal POPs for all of our membership meetups and events!”
- David R

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